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About Us

Who is Odeonbeds?

Odeonbeds is a bedbank company that provides travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers with access to a wide range of hotels worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive selection of hotels, from budget-friendly options to luxurious resorts.

Our goal is to make it easy for travel agents to find the perfect accommodation for their clients. We offer a simple and easy-to-use booking system, and we have a dedicated team of 24/7 customer service representatives who are available to help with any questions or problems.

We are committed to providing our partners with the best possible service. We offer competitive commission rates, and we regularly offer special promotions and discounts.

We offer XML and API connectivity to access our hotel inventory and booking capabilities. This allows your businesses to integrate the Odeonbeds’s inventory into your own systems, making it easier to book hotels for your customers.

If you are a travel agent or tour operator, we invite you to learn more about our company and how we can help you grow your business.

What are your advantages?

Odeonbeds advantages

Why work with Odeonbeds?

  • Experienced B2B Support touching the guests directly and immediately
  • Financial trust
  • Good reputation in industry
  • Expert in destinations

Odeonbeds advantages

What are your advantages?

  • Always find your room and right price
  • Directly negotiated price and availability
  • Local market experts and purchasing team
  • Suitable for dynamic price and only hotels segment sales
  • Directly negotiated price and availability
  • Room allocations advantages , we purchase directly from hotels!
  • Excellent capability to access more rooms in high demand periods
What are your advantages?
What are your advantages?
  • Solid technology offers to access more rooms , room types and better rates, high room availability ratio
  • XML advantages ; Faster , reliable and direct booking confirmations plus real time availability
  • Fast and Right Support , International emergency support 24/7
  • Dedicated and experienced guest relations teams and guides
  • Suitable for dynamic price and only hotels segment sales
  • Direct hotel relationships with experienced staff
  • Regular hotel inspections and quality checkings

Odeonbeds advantages

Our Products

More than 8.000 direct contracted hotels in 40 countries and 90 destinations , 500.000+ hotels worldwide through XML and B2B Agency Platform.

Source Markets

Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Austira, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijian, Albania, Kosova, Kazakhstan …


Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, India, Cyprus, Morocco, Israel, Italy, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Croatia, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Mexico, Austria, Germany, Indonesia, The Seychelles, Jordan, Mauritius, Cuba, China, Singapore, Tanzania, Andorra

Inbound Services

Turkey (1992), Egypt (2004), Thailand (2010), Spain (2012), Greece (2014), UAE (2013)

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